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Why Exhibitions Works ?

Exhibitions are one of the most powerful, versatile and cost-effective marketing tools available to generate direct sales while simultaneously enhancing your brand image, launching new products, researching your market, building your prospect databases and maintaining relationships with your existing customers.

It gives you the opportunity to:
  • Increase your company/brand profile
  • Increase sales turnover
  • Launch new products
  • Clear old products
  • Sample product & receive customer feedback
  • Educate customers
  • Support distribution channels
  • Generate leads
  • Increase your customer database
Unlike most advertising mediums exhibitions enable customers to touch, see, smell & feel products and then ask questions.

marketing. Don’t let anything get between you and your prospects. When it comes to the total quality of a marketing interaction, nothing holds a candle to exhibitions. Ever see one of your print ads turn a hardened sceptic into an evangelist? Ever see a radio spot absorb an objection and turn it into a sale?

Concentrated marketing.
Meet a self-selected core of buyers. Think about your hottest prospects. What is their most valuable commodity? Their time. That’s why, in business-to-business markets, it can be so hard for your sales team to get in to see them. And in consumer markets, the visitors are spending their leisure time, which is arguably even more precious. Given the value of their time, what does it say about a prospect who invests a day to visit an exhibition? It says they’re motivated. It says they have a reason to be there. It says they’re serious buyers in active buying mode. This is the power of exhibitions: no other medium concentrates your efforts on the most active buyers in your market at any given time.

Versatile marketing.
Whatever your goals, exhibitions can take you there. Because they represent the marketplace in one place and time – bringing together suppliers, buyers, purchase influencers, consultants and the media – exhibitions are an incredibly versatile marketing medium. If you want to launch new products, generate media coverage, build brand awareness, generate leads and retain existing customers, exhibitions let you do it all in one bold stroke. Marketers surveyed reported the effectiveness of exhibitions for achieving a wide variety of goals.
Exhibitions are effective for:
  • Personal selling to potential buyers
  • 􀂜􀀁
  • Building prospect databases
  • 􀂜􀀁
  • Building relationships with existing customers
  • 􀂜􀀁
  • Educating the market
  • 􀂜􀀁
  • Generating sales leads
  • 􀂜􀀁
  • Demonstrating products or services
  • 􀂜􀀁
  • Generating media exposure
  • 􀂜􀀁
  • Building brand awareness
  • 􀂜􀀁
  • Launching new products
  • 􀂜􀀁
  • Positioning company as market leader


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Exhibitions are one of the most powerful, versatile marketing tools...



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